Ardmore Exhibition EXHIBITION

Continuing our long association with Ardmore Ceramics, Charles Greig will be celebrating the Chinese Year of the Monkey by showcasing a curated collection of modern-day collectables, inspired by the form and antics of monkeys.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the monkey is portrayed as clever, lively and quick-witted.  He also has a mischievous streak and can be as wicked as he is wise.

Monkeys have always intrigued artists, and they feature in many great works of anthropomorphic literature and film. Take Mowgli’s abductors in ‘The Jungle Book’, or Kipling’s Quite the Wisest Animal in All South Africa, Baviaan. They reached their pinnacle of influence – in every sense – in the shape of Rafiki in Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. Simian and Simba, they stand together: wisdom and courage united.

Fée Halstead, founder of Ardmore Ceramics, and her daughter Megan have drawn on this rich heritage to assemble a delightful collection celebrating this most charismatic of animals.

Monkeys swing down from the trees to be elevated again as handcrafted artworks by the ceramicists of Ardmore. Each piece is alive with the joy and mischievousness of monkeys, as they alternately counsel and play pranks on their fellow creatures.

The shrewdness and dexterity of the monkey is perfectly captured in each charming trinket box, candlestick and teapot, while apes and japes come together in an oval centrepiece entitled ‘Pulling the Python’s Tail’.

Join Charles Greig in celebrating the Year of the Monkey with this exuberant collection from Ardmore.

12 August 2016

( exhibition concludes 28 August 2016 )



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