Lindy is passionate about the plight of endangered species. Having completed a Bsc in Zoology she volunteered to work with the Endangered Wildlife Trust .This soon turned into a fulltime position, and the next 14 years were spent initiating and developing crane conservation programmes across sub-Saharan Africa.

In 1994 Lindy was instrumental in forming the South African Crane Working Group of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). Two international awards for her conservation efforts, the Whitley Award and the Rolex Award for Enterprise, enabled the programme to expand into the rest of Africa. Lindy pioneered a number of ground breaking programmes in South Africa; the most interesting being a hand rearing technique involving dressing up in a crane costume!

Coming almost one year after Hare(i)tage is her next body of work titled, “GOING GOING gone………” The sculptures focus on smaller species of birds, frogs, lizards, plants and insects, sometimes in combination. The aim is to depict the beauty, diversity and fragility of endangered species and our impact upon them.



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